Adding a Soldigo Store to your Website

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1. Create or login to your Soldigo store. 2. Add products and customise your store. 3. Search for the “Store widget” app. Add it to your apps and it will appear under “My Apps” on the left hand pane. 4. Copy the code snippet from the Store widget app. 5. Sign into your EzyWebs account or select a new template … Read More

The Importance of a Logo

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If an apple with a bite taken appears for a minute part of a second your brain instantly connects to the computer company. Without any description needed. Similarly, a big M while driving needs no description this emphasis the point that logo is the legacy of the business. Many companies are making a fortune because their logos have sown deep … Read More

How to promote your website online for free

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Old radio

Promoting your website So what do you do once you have created your own great looking website? The next step is to start driving traffic to your website. This involves spreading awareness and telling people that your site is out there with all of the other websites in the vast internet. While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important, as it … Read More

Finding great stock images for your website

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Everest stock image

When sourcing images for use in you projects and websites it is important to consider copyright. It can be very easy to simply take any image off the internet and use it as your own. However when you use someone else’s property you will require their consent to do so. You do not want to be breaching anyone’s copyright for … Read More