Finding great stock images for your website

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Everest stock image

When sourcing images for use in you projects and websites it is important to consider copyright.
It can be very easy to simply take any image off the internet and use it as your own. However when you use someone else’s property you will require their consent to do so.

You do not want to be breaching anyone’s copyright for simply uploading a picture.

Sourcing the right image may take time or it may not be viable for you to go out and take your own pictures.

This is where stock photography can come into play.
Stock photography are images which for a fee or for free, include usage rights given by their owners which dictate how people can use their images.

Stock photography can be quite prevalent online and in the media. It can be quite common to see stock photography image attribution in news articles where the news outlets have purchased their photos.

Stock photos also make great use in websites to create visually engaging content. The image used in this article is a stock image.

We have compiled a list of our favourite stock photo websites so you can find great images for use on your websites! Great database of pictures which draws from other attribution free image collections. We suggest using the search function as they do have a lot to sort through. Another large database however uploaders can create their own collection albums. There is a lot of high quality stuff on here. We also like how the photos are displayed on their website Pixabay claim to have over 970,000 photos. Hopefully that will provide the variety you are looking for. Gratisography is a one man project. His artwork has a light-hearted style to it. New images are added weekly The great thing about Splitshire is not only do they have some beautiful photography but they also have a video category. This can most definitely come in handy to enhance the look and feel of websites and projects. A bit of a mixed bag in a good way. The creative market free goods of the week mix up weekly and contain anything from free stock photography to font packs, vectors, templates, icons, emoji’s, textures and much more.

Let us know your favourites and we can add them to this list!

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