How to promote your website online for free

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Promoting your website

So what do you do once you have created your own great looking website?
The next step is to start driving traffic to your website. This involves spreading awareness and telling people that your site is out there with all of the other websites in the vast internet.

While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important, as it places you higher in Google and search engine results, there are also other ways that you can be found online.
We have compiled our favourite list of places to promote your website online.

Social Media

Social media can almost be as effective as your in-person word of mouth promotion.
Simply create an account for your website or link your website from your own social accounts and see if this attracts any visitors.
Instagram (requires a mobile)

Web directories

Web directories are just like paper phone books. They can be a great way to find online businesses.
Google My Business
Bing Places
Yellow pages

Australian Web directories
Directories which specifically list Australian websites!


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