Adding a Soldigo Store to your Website

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1. Create or login to your Soldigo store.
2. Add products and customise your store.
3. Search for the “Store widget” app. Add it to your apps and it will appear under “My Apps” on the left hand pane.

4. Copy the code snippet from the Store widget app.

5. Sign into your EzyWebs account or select a new template and start editing.
6. Click “Pages” then “Add Page” to duplicate an existing page or you can “Add a Blank Page”

7. Click “Add an Element” then “HTML”. This will add an HTML box to your page.

8. Double click on the HTML box, paste in your Soldigo widget code snippet then hit OK.

9. Click on the blue points to resize the HTML box.
(We recommend resizing the HTML box to the entire size of the page)
10. Click on the “Publish” button and wait for your page to save.

11. Navigate to your website URL to preview your store!

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